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It has been a pleasure to work with Ginko Visuals build the architectural visualizations for residential complexes. Their dedicated and professional team fully share our passion for art and attention to details. The visualizations surpassed our high expectations and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

the owner of a design Studio and interactive development
Kiev, Ukraine

I would like to commend  on the work of the designers studio «Ginko», which have developed  presentation materials for us - 3D visualization, animation and basic designs for apartment housing complex Panska Vertical. They reflected the reality of our project and created for us effective tools for selling apartments.

Managing Partner
Developer "Vertical Zahid Bud"

  We, as developers, we have seen the work of many 3d companies. While many of them create renderings, only Your company has produced work that is impossible to tell apart from reality! Quickly and efficiently!

Marketing Director
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