Pidzamche Museum, Lviv, Ukraine



3D visualization does not convey the smell of Lviv coffee, but fully shows the color scheme and placement of elements. Ginko Visuals studio has developed a detailed 3D tour using 360º panoramas for the Pidzamche Museum project. It presents future premises, its interior and location of the exposition, namely: planning a space with plenty of room for excursions. 3D Ginko Visuals specialists sought to preserve authenticity. According to the legend, Lily Huwis hid and dreamed of saving near the fireplace with an ancient masonry. The multifunctional object of the museum’s interior is an arch that divides the premises, as the railway once divided the city. It has a historical connotation: it symbolizes Pidzamche railway station, which once served as a specific gate in Lviv. Thanks to the skill of Ginko Visuals, now everyone can visit the Pidzamche Museum virtually, traveling through the 3D tour.


Project renders