Loft style apartment

Open space and contrasting elements “Ginko Visuals” created visualizations for the loft style apartment. Large windows, stonework, contrasts of architectural objects - we have recreated all this in the smallest detail in order to implement the design solutions of the housing project in all the traditions of the style. On the visualization clearly traces the characteristic features of this room. Brick walls are combined with white walls, forming a contrast of colors and textures. Thanks to them it was possible to visually zone the open space of the studio with large windows, dividing it into a kitchen, a zone of rest. The restrained style and wooden furniture give the room a homely feel. The depicted elements of decor and lighting, along with paintings and plants, helped to emphasize the urban character of the house. Feel the benefits of the design solutions in the smallest details before you even begin to implement them thanks to high-quality images from the studio "Ginko Visuals".

Project renders