Business Center

The office complex (Lviv)


The commissioner of the project was guided by the formation of the concept of an office complex for IT-sphere in Lviv. Like our commissioner, we strived for its being an ecological, modern building in the minimalist style that harmoniously complements the existing landscape. As a result, we received an eight-storey office complex with an area of 10685 sq.m. with underground parking, six floors of dual-type office space, one floor for coworking and one floor for entertainment and recreation space.
And now in detail.
On the basement floor there will be a parking area of 2197 sq.m., which will be able to accommodate 62 cars and 14 motorcycles. Floor 1 will locate coworking as a popular alternative to an office space, with a total area of 730 sq.m of working space. Floor 2 will offer dual office space of 944 sq.m. and a green terrace of 9 sq.m. Floor 3 will host dual office space of 1054 sq.m. and a green terrace with an area of 47 sq.m. Floor 4 will contain dual office space of 995 sq.m., an ordinary terrace, which smoothly transforms into a green terrace with a total area of 109.44 sq.m. Floor 5 will host dual office space of 1057 sq.m. and a green terrace of 198 square meters. Floor 6 will host dual office area of 989 sq.m., a green terrace and two normal terraces with an area of 312 sq.m. On Floor 7 there will be dual office space of 958 sq.m. and two small terraces. Floor 8 will be entertaining and recreational. There will be a sky bar with an area of 495 sq.m. containing an exit to two terraces, located on the right and left side.
The colouring chosen will consist of natural and calm shades: white, gray, brown and green. Around the building there will be a landscaped territory, bushes will be planted on the terraces. Depending on the individual needs of a company, we have designed dual offices: part of office space will be open type, and another part will be closed.
This office complex is fit for the IT sphere, because it provides comfortable and high-quality working space for all groups of employees and is suitable for startupers and freelancers.


Project renders