«EKO-DIM» in Nadiyna Street (Lviv)



Recently we had a pleasant and interesting job: we operated 3D-visualisation and animation video of a new residential complex built by the company «EKO-DIM» in Nadiyna Street (Lviv).
We were among the first to see your living space.
Working with beautiful and important objects is always pleasant. This residential complex consists of nine three- and five-storey buildings surrounded by a forest in an ecological and recreational zone. We were so excited to work on the details surrounding you: a courtyard without a car, instead, — an individual modern parking, a playground, place for rest, an open-air library, lighting and entertainment facilities, a shopping center. All this creates comfort and peace.
We visualized your harmony and full life of this residential complex and believe that this place will bring you happiness and comfort.


Project renders